We have been organizing meetups since 2011 and in all those years the usual meetup was 10 people. This year we have created Testival meetup group and changed the venue, and the meetups have doubled to about 20 people. This time we even had more speakers than time, so Zoran have shortened his talk to 5 minutes. I hope he will give the full talk the next time.

Regular Talks

  • Dario Đurić: Testing Web Components
  • Marko Elezović: Concurrent integration testing
  • Marko Varat: UX Testing - Product Development Sanity Check

Lightning talks

  • Krešimir Linke: How we hired a senior tester in the time when everybody else is hiring too
  • Željko Filipin: Selenium bindings in Scratch, visual programming language for kids
  • Zoran Majstorović: Ruby Testing Tools (RSpec and Capybara) @ButterflyMX
  • Karlo Šmid: Ministry of Testing TestSphere cards and possibilities how to use them

I was really looking forward to giving Selenium bindings in Scratch talk. I have spent a lot of time on that. :)